Predoxen Male Enhancement ustom among other nations of greater reputation. To the sound of this sad mus.ic Predoxen Male Enhancement they washed the body of the dead person, Predoxen Male Enhancement perfuming it with the gum of the storax tree and other aromatics which they Predoxen Male Enhancement are wont to use, and clothing it in the best garments which the dead man possessed then, after having kept and mourned over it for three days, they buried it. Others anointed the body with aromatic balsams which prevent corruption, especially with the juice of a sort of ivy which grows there abundantly, and is truly a very valuable Predoxen Male Enhancement drug, which they call buyo. 92 It is very pungent, and for the living is a notable stimulant, also strengthening the teeth, hardening the gums, Predoxen Male Enhancement and sweetening the breath. Consequently both Spaniards and Indians make much use of it, and always carry it in their mouth, as they Predoxen Male Enhancement use the coca in Piru. With the juice of this plant, then, they anointed the dead body, and so inje.cted it through the mouth that it penetrated the whole body. Thus prepared, many bodies have been found uncorrupted after a lapse of many years but they did not place the corpses in the earth, but in their dw

ellings, enclosed in coffins of the hardest wood, incorruptible, and with the cover so fitted that it was impossible for the air to enter. Moreover, they placed gold in the mouths of the corpses, and laid with them many articles of value and thus they buried them, under the house, richly Predoxen Male Enhancement adorned, and with the corpse another chest, containing garments. Besides this, they usually were careful to carry to the burial various viands, which they left there for the dead person. In former times, they would not let them depart to the stamina pills amazon other Predoxen Male Enhancement world alone, but gave male and female slaves to accompany the dead. These slaves, ha. ving first eaten a hearty meal, were then buy epic male enhancement immediately killed, that they might go do male enhancement pills kill sperm with the dead man. It once happened red rhino male enhancement pill that they Predoxen Male Enhancement Predoxen Male Enhancement buried with a Predoxen Male Enhancement chief a vessel manned by many rowers, do penis enhancement pills work who were to serve him in his voyages in the other world. The usual place of burial was the dead man s own house, at least Predoxen Male Enhancement in the lower part where a great pit was dug, in which the coffin was placed. A small railing was constructed about the pit, and, leaving it open, they placed inside the food which they brought.

Predoxen Male Enhancement

Others buried their bodies in the open field, and for several days burned fires beneath their houses and set guards, so that the dead man might not return and carry away with him those whom he had left. After the burial the mourning ceased, but not the feasting and intoxication, which lasted more or less time according to the rank o.f the deceased. The widow or widower, Predoxen Male Enhancement and the orphans and other relatives who felt most keenly their grief, expressed Predoxen Male Enhancement their sorrow by fasting, abstaining from meat, fish, and other viands eating during this period only vegetables, and those in very Predoxen Male Enhancement small quantities. Among the Tagalos the color for mourning is black, and among the Bissayans white. The latter also tear out their hair and eyebrows, which makes them ugly indeed. Upon Predoxen Male Enhancement the death of a chief, silence must Predoxen Male Enhancement be observed in the village during the period of mourning, until the interdict was raised a longer or shorter time, according to his rank and during that time no sound of a blow or other Predoxen Male Enhancement noise might be heard in any house under penalty of some misfortune. In order to secure this quiet, the villages on the coast pl

aced a sign on the banks of the river, giving rex magnum male enhancement n. otice that no one might travel Predoxen Male Enhancement on that penis enlargement lotions stream, or enter or Predoxen Male Enhancement leave it, under penalty of death which they forcibly inflicted, with the utmost cruelty, upon whomsoever should break this silence. Those who died in war were extolled Predoxen Male Enhancement in their dirges, and in the obsequies which were celebrated the sacrifices made Predoxen Male Enhancement Predoxen Male Enhancement to or for them lasted for a long time, accompanied by much feasting and intoxication. If the deceased had met death by violence, whether in war or in peace, by treachery, or in some other way, the mourning habits Predoxen Male Enhancement were not removed, or the interdict lifted, until the sons, brothers, or relatives had Predoxen Male Enhancement killed many others not only of the enemies and vierect male enhancement murderers, but also other persons, strangers, whoever they might be, who were Predoxen Male Enhancement not their friends. As how to increase hgh with supplements robbers and pirates, they scoured tst 11 male enhancement reviews the land and sea, going to hunt man and ki. lling all whom they could, unti